Acrylic Mounting

We now offer the possibility to mount our photos behind Acrylic. This is a high-density plastic that is even thicker than glass and gives amazing clarity and color definition to the photo. Ever more galeries and museums are chosing for this method of display.

The process is as follows: The photos are laminated with a clear double sided sticky foil of the highest optical quality. This is then pressed onto the back of a 3mm sheet of clear Acrylic. The photo is then "Sandwiched" with a backing of Dibond, a double sheet of aluminium with a core of polystyreen. An aluminium profile is then glued to the back to act as stiffening. This also doubles as a "hook" from which the photo can be hung. The thickness of the profile used depends on the size of the photo. The photo ends up hanging away from the wall, depending on the thickness of the profile, from 5mm to 10mm for the large panorama photos.

This system is one of the most attractive presentations possible, making the clarity and the colors of the photo "pop". Especially for the large panorama photos, it is also a cost-effective way of framing, being cheaper than conventional framing with glass and pass-partout and carries our recommendation.