Welcome to the world of W. Fenker Photography.

It is surely a privilege to be able to do what one deeply enjoys. I have for many years been able to experience this during my years as a professional musician, and now have discovered the same depth of experience with my photography.

The similarities I have encountered that exist between the two art forms are on the one hand surprising but on the other hand perhaps self evident. In both activities I have discovered the tension that exists between emotion and technique. One cannot achieve a high standard without both the emotion and the technique being present in full proportions. Often they are totally interdependent of each other. For myself, it is only when both are equally present that I get a feeling of satisfaction in my output. It is rewarding if, at the end of the road, my work is appreciated by others as well.

Please feel free to browse through the photo's on this site. I hope they are viewed with as much enjoyment and as with which they were made.

The photos on this site are available for sale. Each photo has it's own information as to sizes available and prices, as well as possible print medium. Should you wish further information or just wish to contact me, feel free to email.


W Fenker